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10:29 pm - 05/17/2012

Arashi unveils jacket covers for their upcoming single “Your Eyes”

On May 17th, Arashi unveiled the jacket covers for their upcoming single, “Your Eyes” (to be released on June 6th)!

This song, also the theme song for Aiba Masaki’s drama “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri“, will be released in two editions: the limited edition and a regular edition.

Check out the jacket covers for both versions of this single below!


<Limited Edition>

<Regular Edition>

Track list was posted here


I like them! OHNO OWNED THEM.  
matsuneko_girl 18th-May-2012 05:28 am (UTC)
Jun's outfit reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin PowersXD But he still looks awesome in it:3
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