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Nakama Yukie to star as a ghost in new NTV drama ‘Ghost Mama Sousasen’


On May 20th, NTV announced a new drama for the upcoming summer season called ‘Ghost Mama Sousasen ~Boku to Mama no Fushigi na 100 Nichi~‘ starring actress Nakama Yukie in the role of a ghost.

Nakama is going to play a police woman working at a Community Safety Department called Uehara Choko. Uehara has a very bright and obliging personality and cannot look away when other people are in trouble. She’s living a happy family life together with her husband played Sawamura Ikki, her daughter played by Shida Mirai, and her son played Kimino Yuma.

One day she suddenly dies, however, since she’s too worried about her cowardly son, she cannot go to heaven just yet and returns to the world as a ghost. Although she wanted to become a ghost in order to meet her son again, her great skills as a police woman soon make rounds throughout the world of ghosts who now seek her help in order to free them from their regrets.

Together with her son, she’s now out to to catch various atrocious criminals in order to settle those old cases. It’s a criminal and human drama in which the characters experience personal growth with each case, mixed with a certain amount of fantasy and comedic elements.

Nakama commented, “I hope we can make it a drama that touches the hearts and spirits of everyone who is watching it.

The five-year-old Kimino was picked out of 100 candidates who auditioned for the role of the son. He innocently commented, “I have a lot of difficulties remembering my lines, but I want to have fun together with everyone and try my best.” Nakama added, “When I first met him, he smiled at me and gave me a very energetic greeting. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun during the filming.

NTV is going to air ‘Ghost Mama Sousasen’ every Saturday at 9:00 pm starting in July.

Source: Oricon

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