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Whose hair style do women want to copy?

We are in the spring season and people are gradually changing towards lighter outfits to go along with the warm weather. For many women, this also marks a perfect time to try out a new hairdo and that’s why Oricon Style recently asked 500 women from their teens to their forties, “Which female celebrities hairdo would you like to copy?

The results show that short haircuts have finally become more popular thanks to Aragaki Yui and Gouriki Ayame. Especially the former, who received a lot of attention for cutting her trademark long hair in fall of last year, which even boosted her on the top of this ranking. Aragaki had to cut 25 cm of her long hair, for her role in the drama specialRanma 1/2‘ last year, but she revealed that she isn’t that unfamiliar with short hair, since she had been sporting a short hairdo all the way through junior high school.

Aragaki’s fresh new style caused many women to consider an image change as well. “It made her look pretty in a different way than before and made me think that short hair actually wouldn’t be that bad,” a girl in her teens commented. Another young woman in her twenties said, “Her style is not too short or too fresh, and it has a unique prettiness. I want to be as pretty as her.” A woman in her thirties revealed that she already copied Aragaki’s style, “I’ve always had long hair and always opposed cutting it short, but I spontaneously decided to follow her lead.

Gouriki ranked in fifth place with her trademark short hair. She’s sporting a more boyish, yet still very charming hair style and women reportedly love the nice balance.

However, apart from these two examples, long hair styles are still dominating the ranking. YOU ranked in second place with her long brown hair and her normally very casual style. “She looks stylish, she looks fresh. She’s just beautiful,” one woman in her thirties commented. Various female celebrities with brown hair styles similar to YOU ranked in the top ten as well, such as Sasaki Nozomi in fourth, Amuro Namie in sixth, and YUKI in seventh place.

Miyazaki Aoi, the representative of natural long black hair, ranked in third place, although many women actually love her variety of styles. One girl in her teens commented, “Whenever I see Aoi-chan’s adorable odango hair style, I can’t help but want to do it myself,” while another one (also in her teens) added, “I like her, because she’s showing us so many different styles.” Yoshitaka Yuriko, another female celebrity with similar, ‘natural kawaii’ long black hair, ranked in eighth place.

Check out the complete top ten below!


Which female celebrities hairdo would you like to copy?

01 – Aragaki Yui
02 – YOU
03 – Miyazaki Aoi
04 – Sasaki Nozomi
05 – Gouriki Ayame
06 – Amuro Namie
07 – YUKI
08 – Yoshitaka Yuriko
09 – Kitagawa Keiko
10 – Toda Erika

Source: Oricon

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