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Happiness Announces 1st Album!

Japanese girl group Happiness will be releasing their 1st album on June 20th. After originally titling it "One", the group has revealed that the album will now be titled "Happy Time".

The new album contains 14 tracks including their latest single "We Can Fly" as well as their other 3 singles.

The album will come in a CD Only and CD+DVD version. The DVD will contain 6 music videos, including DJ MAKIDAI's "Really Into You" on which the girls were featured. Although the video will be included on the DVD, the song will not be included on the album's CD.

1. Bigbang Breakout (Instrumental)
2. We Can Fly
3. Friends
4. Wish
5. Shining
6. Spica
7. Kiss Me
8. I'm for you
9. Alive
10. Magic na...Love
11. Have A Good Time
12. Body & Soul
13. Perfect Smile
14. Happy Talk

1. Happy Talk
2. Kiss Me
3. Friends
4. Wish
5. Really Into You (DJ MAKIDAI feat. Happiness)
6. We Can Fly
7. We Can Fly (Making Of)


Sources: 1 + 2
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