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Japan has an idol for every day of the year: Fruity

What is Fruity?

Fruity is a 9-member local idol group from Sappora, Hokkaido. Not only are they cute, but they're fresh as well. They started in Hokkaido but are going to spread their wings to the whole of Japan. Honestly, they're cute, unique? I wouldn't be able to tell you. But I was interested in them a while back, because idols plus food is always interesting. Each girl represents a fruit, for example Yuka representing lime and Risa representing pineapple.

Pure Idol Heart: Fruity Girls use a ranking system to rank their members similar to an AKB48 Senbatsu. Every three months their points are totaled and half the members become the first troops and the rest become the second troops. Based on the system it`s designed to feature more than nine members as the first two groups are or should be split evenly five members each and every one below ten become the reserve troops. And if you end up in first place three times you enter the groups “hall of fame”.

The breakdown between the rankings more or less defines what the member’s promotional activities will be and overall popularity. The members earn vote points based on the actions of their fans.
If you join their official group fan club called ‘mix juice’ you earn the right to vote for as long as you are a member. This is worth one vote card active every Sunday. Next if you enter the live performances or ‘fruit basket’, you get another vote card.
- If you buy a Fruity CD you get two votes.
- If you buy 10,000 yen worth of goods you get 10 votes, a 3,000 yen shirt earns you 6 votes .
After you collect your vote cards, you fill them out and mail them in. Relative’s votes do not count to prevent vote rigging.


DOB – 06/21
Blood type - O type
Fruit - Strawberry

DOB – 04/28
Blood type – B type
Fruit - Apple

DOB – 05/13
Blood type – A type
Fruit - Apricot

DOB – 09/01
Blood type - A type
Fruit - Cherry

DOB – 05/29
Blood type – A type
Fruit - Lychee

DOB – 05/29
Blood type – B type
Fruit - Pineapple

DOB – 11/12
Blood type – A type
Fruit - Lime

DOB – 08/06
Blood type – O type
Fruit - Peach

DOB – 05/10
Blood type – A type
Fruit – Lemon


(Featuring back-up vocals by wota lol)

Source: 1, pure idol heart, Fruity homepage, 2, 3
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