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SMAP-style tour of the Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest communications tower and second-highest building, opened on Tuesday morning.

Tokyo's new landmark in Sumida Ward opened after construction began three years and 10 months ago, finishing with a height of 634 meters, and surviving the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 last year.

The tower did not suffer any damage from the disaster and became a symbol of hope to many Japanese people, including survivors in the devastated areas throughout Tohoku.

Tourism officials hope the 634-meter tower will be a big draw for visitors. There are two observation decks—at 350 meters and 450 meters above ground—as well as restaurants, office space and a vertigo-inducing glass floor that allows visitors to look straight down.

The surrounding area, known as Tokyo Sky Tree Town, features an open air market lined with cherry blossom and red pine trees. The rest of the Sky Tree Town include office buildings and an aquarium—some 300 tenants, in all.

Tobu Railway Co, which operates Tokyo Sky Tree, is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors per week. To control numbers, it said that admission will be by reserved ticket only until July 11.

Emperor Akihito, Lady Gaga, and SMAP were part of the select few who got to visit the tower ahead of its grand opening.

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