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Mayu Shinjo's Ai Ore! made into live action starring Ohno Ito and Karam.

Mayu Shinjo's Ai ore! DFanshiko no hime to Joshiko no Oji or better known as Ai Ore! Love me has been made into a live action starring Ohno Ito ( Haruna in Kokou Debut ) as Mizuki Sakurazaka and Karam ( member of korean boyband DGNA / Daikoku Danji ) as Akira Shiraishi.

The movie tells the love story that revolves around Akira Shiraishi, a "princess" in his all-boys high school, Mizukiki Sakurazaka, who is known as the "prince" in her all-girls school, Saint Nobara High who is also the leader of an all girls band called "Blaue Rozen". Akira who wanted to pursue Mizuki, decided to join the band in order to get closer to her. 

 The theme song 'Ikenai 1,2,3' will be sung by DGNA, their first theme song for a Japanese film and will be on sale this summer. Blaue Rozen will also make a debut CD in which they will sing 'RE : Birthday' and 'Ai yori aoku' 


Will be on cinemas starting from August 25.
source :http://www.aiore-movie.com/ , Jpopasia, animenewsnetwork.

Tags: hallyu, manga, movie

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