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NYC is Growing Up- Haina PV + B-sides

Tv Life June 2012 NYC crosstalk

Yamada: And the coupling songs are also good. These are really different to Haina, and this time, I think we showed the mature side of NYC in these 2 songs.
Nakayama: Yep, just cuz this spring, we’ve all graduated high school and became more grown-up!
Yamada: I’m thinking that it’ll be nice if we could show you these mature sides of us.
Chinen: Oh, and not just songs and stuff, but I wanna to variety shows with NYC!

more here

credits 1, 2, 3, 4

ohgoshohgosh in love w/ Tic Tac ~Bokura no Harmony~. Melted @ 2:39- Yamada's smooth voice. & i thought they are gonna get stuck w/ kiddie stuff. best single release from them esp bec of the B-sides.

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