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Old man Johnny spotted in a wheelchair

President of J&A, Johnny Kitagawa, is recently seen in a wheelchair prompting questions about the titan’s health.

“Johnny Kitagawa has been seen in a wheelchair for the past month now. People are worried that he’s either sick or recovering from an injury.” Said an entertainment insider. 

Johnny Kitagawa is currently 81years old, and he is a well-known for being a hands-on producer when it comes to his pet projects. With the recent sightings of him in a wheel chair, people are worried that it might be the beginning of the end for the mogul. 

“Johnny isn’t only a producer. He is hands on, from checking the set to the performances. He also takes part in planning PR. Of course, sometimes he also goes to meetings when it comes to projects he has touched. But this is the first time ever people have seen him showing up in a wheelchair.”

However, no news have leaked that the producer is in bad health. People have even spotted him at a performance of last Dec.’s “Dance of Vampire.” 

According to an audience member, “After the musical ended, he left like a regular person from the lobby. I thought he was always surrounded by his favorite Johnny’s, but I’m shocked to see him leaving alone. He went outside and stopped a taxi, not paying attention to anyone around him, and left.”

The cast of Dance of Vampire include Yamaguchi Yuichiro, Urai Kenji, Chinen Rina, and Johnny’s talents, but none of them seem to have much to do with Johnny. People have said that Johnny was probably trying to get inspiration for other musicals he has a hand in producing, from ENDLESS SHOCK to Takizawa Kakumei.

“And this Nov., Johnny’s World, the biggest musical produced by the man, is scheduled to start Teikoku Theatre. Right now Johnny is busy planning the production.”

As one of the most prolific producers in Japan, no wonder people are curious about his health. Currently, no one is sure who is going to take over the empire once Mary and Johnny decide to retire. 

(Source: via uso-ippai

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