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Nino at risk of balding!

Ninomiya Kazunari recently dyed his hair blonde for his upcoming role in Nippon Terebi’s 24 Hour TV drama “Kurumaisu Boku wa Sora wo Tobu”, in which he plays the role of a young delinquent who was paralyzed on the lower half of his body after getting into some trouble. There are high expectations for Ninomiya for this role after playing other handicapped characters in dramas such as “DOOR to DOOR” and “Marathon”.

But the fans are more focused on the important things, like his hair color.

“The color is too light, it’s an out-of-fashion blonde”, “What about the black eyebrows?” some fans complain. Even Ninomiya claims that the other Arashi members “drew back beyond my expectations” in response to his hair color. However, there are some champions of justice protecting Ninomiya’s hair color, “This out-of-fashion style is close to the reality of throwing away your life!” “These kind of unsatisfying delinquents exist! They exist!” “When I got used to it, it’s kind of cute.” Of course, in these comments have arose some worries about Ninomiya’s scalp, and this isn’t the first time worries about Ninomiya balding have arose.

“Once at an Arashi concert,” says a Johnny analyst, “the topic ‘Who will become bald first?’ came up, and Ninomiya, Sakurai, and Aiba were all predicted. But Ninomiya was the one considered especially likely. Right now, it’s said his father is in Mr. Namihei’s state, but I’m praying Ninomiya himself doesn’t develop those traits.

From the start Johnny’s idols have been damaging their hair with products, photography lights and dye. Since many Johnny’s live an unsteady life and there are a lot of heavy smokers, they are inclined to have a weak scalp. There are a lot of fans that can accept fat idols, or idols with some whiskers, but can’t accept balding. I hope they protect their hair roots with their life.”

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Imo..BS ..but it's for the lulz!

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