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DSP Entertainment's upcoming boygroup to perform at A-Nation

The rookie male idol group A-JAX has confirmed their participation in a Japanese concert called “A-Nation” before their formal debut in Japan.

On the 23rd, DSP Media officials announced “A-JAX will be taking part in japanese music festival called 'A-Nation' this coming August to be held in Tokyo”. A-Nation is one of Japan’s leading summer music festivals where Japan’s top artists attend.

A-JAX will be performing on the 1st day of the concert on the 9th as the opening act. Still not having their official debut in Korea, it is an exceptional achievement for A-JAX to take part in a large scale performance.

The concert entitled “Asia Progress M” will be held in Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo where up-and-coming asian male artists and artists under the record label AVEX will be performing.

Various artists from different countries and record labels are expected to participate. Meanwhile, A-JAX will be appearing at KARA’s last concert in Japan as the opening act for KARSIA Saitama on the 26th and 27th. Their debut countdown goes on from there.

A-Nation+DSPBOYZ Forum (I can't find the original korean article, when i do I'll add it in!)
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