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Yaguchi Mari and Nakamura Masaya hold a wedding ceremony and it's cute!

On May 22nd, former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari and actor Nakamura Masaya held a wedding ceremony at St. Grace Cathedral in Aoyama.

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After holding their ceremony, the two held a press conference at their reception, where Nakamura expressed, “I was moved. Both our fathers cried from beginning to end, which made me cry. But as the groom, I think I was able to hold a successful wedding ceremony.” Meanwhile, Yaguchi revealed, “I’ve always lived at my parents’ house, so it really hit me when I thought about how I would be leaving.

She then said, “I’m afraid of the letter to both our parents at the reception. I will do my best to read it.” Her husband comforted her saying, “You’ll be okay.

As this was Nakamura’s first time seeing Yaguchi in a wedding dress, he blushed, “She’s too beautiful. She’s beautiful. She’s more beautiful than I have ever seen.” Yaguchi also said, “My husband is also very good looking today. I can show him off proudly.

The couple got married on May 22nd of last year, so this day marked their 1 year anniversary. Nakamura stated, “As a wife? She’s great!“, and Yaguchi responded, “His kindness is the best so I feel I’ve found a wonderful person. I’m sorry to boast.

About 260 guests including Dream Morning Musume, Nakayama Hideyuki, and Osawa Akane came to celebrate the couple’s special day. The members of Dream Morning Musume sang Morning Musume’s hit song, “Happy Summer Wedding“.

This day also marked the opening of Tokyo Sky Tree. To commemorate this occasion, the couple made a 63.4 inch wedding cake, 1/1000 the size of Sky Tree.

Reception + kiss

Dream Morning Musume (such as Tsuji Nozomi and Hitomi Yoshizawa)+ Morning Musume (such as Sayumi and Tanaka Reina)

Models and talento like Chris Matsumura, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Komori Jun and Yanagihara Kanako and other friends + family

Cast of Ouran (even the mangaka went) and actors such as Shirota Yuu, Daito Shunsuke and Yamamoto Yusuke

source: daito's recollection of the reception, tokyohive

This gives me a lot of emotion, I love weddings ;A; They look so happy and in love
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