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Hey! Say! JUMP's JUMP World Album Previews

Similar to their first album, members contribute in creating their second album, although not everyone participated this time. Members' songs are:

Hana Egao- written by Yamada Ryosuke
Perfect Life- written by Yaotome Hikaru
Thumb & Pinky- written by Yaotome Hikaru
Hero- written by Okamoto Keito
Hurry Up!- co-arranged by Arioka Daiki
Snap- written by Yabu Kota

Previewed from Hey!Say!JUMP's radio shows.
No official preview yet for Boku Wa Vampire, which is shaping up to be the lead track off this album.

Tsunagu te to te

credits 1, 2, 3, 4

wut?! where's my drummer boy's song?

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