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Mr.Children tops Oricon’s weekly album chart for 3 consecutive weeks

Popular rock band Mr.Children released their best of album “Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro> ” back on May 10 in commemoration of their 20th anniversary since their debut. The album topped Oricon’s Weekly Album Ranking for three consecutive weeks, selling 74,000 copies just this week (986,000 copies in total). In addition, another of their best of albums “Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro> ”, released on the same day, placed third on the chart after selling 67,000 copies this week (954,000 copies in total). Adding the total sales from both greatest hits albums, Mr.Children sold nearly two million copies in all.

This rock band’s five previous albums – “Atomic Heart” (released September 1994), “Mr.Children 1992 – 1995” (released July 2001), “HOME” (released March 2007), “SUPERMARKET FANTASY” (released December 2008), and “SENSE” (released December 2010) – has topped the rankings for two weeks straight previously, but with the recently released albums, they’ve broken their own record.

On another note, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s first full album, “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution” (released on May 23), was also on this week’s album ranking, placing second after selling 71,000 copies.

Credit : Tokyohive ,Oricon

Congratulations to Mr.Children! ..& Kyary too !!
,Mr.Children 's MACRO will achieve million in this week surely  .Now ,they sold 991,257 copies..Go go go !! XD
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