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L’Arc~en~Ciel take ‘revenge’ during their first show at the National Stadium

The first day of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL.” gigs at the National Stadium was held on the 26th May.

Having toured the world, the band played a string of ‘welcome home’ gigs at the Nissan Stadium and USJ. The band overwhelmed the audience with a jam-packed set list and large-scale staging, marking the grand finale of their world tour.

As the show opened, a marching band playing ‘Niji’ entered via the stadium gates. As the melody continued, the 4 members appeared on a float, greeted by enormous cheers and applause from the audience. The float made a journey around half of the stadium, eventually reaching the backstand. Once there, a fire was lit on the Olympic cauldron at the top of the stands as the crowd watched with excitement.

The float continued around the other half of the stadium, and upon reaching the stage they kicked off with their first track, ‘READY STEADY GO’. The fans respond to hyde’s shout of ‘Are you ready?’ raising their hands in the air. Once the energy of the venue reached its maximum came ‘GOOD LUCK MY WAY’. ken smiled as he looked over the crowd, sending a clear and crisp melody to fill the sky. The audience screamed with the band’s performance of ‘HEAVEN’S DRIVE’ and ‘Vivid Colors’, which were played for the first time during this tour.

hyde greeted the crowd saying ‘Tadaima Tokyo! It’s a festival today so let’s go wild!!’, and then continued to introduce the next song, telling them ‘So the next song is one that we played last year in the rain… We didn’t manage to achieve the atmosphere and feeling because of the rain, so can I take revenge for that today???’. When “In the Air” began with tetsuya’s mellow bass line, the audience gave a deafening scream. The earlier classic ‘Kaze no Yukue’ followed – these songs were those played in the pouring rain at their 20th anniversary show at the Ajinomoto Stadium last year. This year, they managed to created a grand and wistful atmosphere, perfectly matching the approaching sunset.

The audience became one as they sang along to ‘MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM’, which sparked a mass sing-along in every country they toured, and a troupe of cheerleaders danced along to the next track, ‘Caress of Venus’. Ken’s MC followed, where he sent the crowd into waves of laughter as he appeared extraordinarily happily surrounded by the cheerleaders. ‘SEVENTH HEAVEN’ started with ken’s lively cry of ‘We’ve toured the world and come back to Japan!’ and his guitar, making the crowd go wild. And just after the sun set came ‘Ibara no Namida’ – where the members were illuminated by the blazing stage as they mesmerised the crowd with an energetic ensemble.

They continued to surprise the audience with tetsuya’s bass solo leading to ‘C’est La Vie’. hyde bounced down the runway, gallantly singing along to yukihiro’s light and rhythmical beats, whilst the fans looked on, smiling as they waved their glowsticks. Following the soft ending was a turn of mood, with a flame-ridden stage blasting out ‘Shout at the Devil’, surprising the audience once more. hyde’s smile dramatically faded into a sharp and menacing glare as he showed off his powerful vocals. Finally, yukihiro wrapped up the show with his passionate and intense drum solo.

After the interval, the members appeared on the substage situated at the back of the arena, making the audience go mad with joy. Seeing the venue lit up with thousands of glowsticks, hyde told them ‘You’re all beautiful. Can we do a track that feels a little like that?’, starting to sing the classic ‘Pieces’. The members who were lit up by a soft and simple light, created an emotional and beautiful harmony as they played the gentle and grand ballad. Also performed on the substage was ‘HONEY’, where hyde sung to the fans 360C around the stage, singing into 3 microphones.

After returning to the main stage they performed ‘NEO UNIVERSE’, where the audience swayed to the ensemble led by tetsuya’s melodious bass line. The 4-beat rhythm leading on from the end of the track eventually gained speed, bursting into ‘CHASE’. Next came the killer-tunes ‘X X X’ and ‘Link’, which was received with much energy all around the world. During ‘Link’, giant balloons were released into the arena, colourfully decorating the venue.

Having seen the audience dancing and clapping to ‘Link’, hyde commended them, saying ‘Isn’t it tough jumping like that?? It’s like you want to jump as well as clap, right? You guys are wonderful’. He continued to make them laugh by telling them ‘We didn’t think that we could play somewhere so wonderful as this for the final of our 20th anniversary year. Actually, we’re nearly in our 21st year. Maybe we should be celebrating the 21st anniversary (laugh)’. He looked back on the history of the band, reflecting ‘we’re a difficult band, but the fact that we’ve come this far means that we were doing it the right way. Different people do it different ways, but I don’t think we were wrong’.

The final track was ‘Niji’. The venue was filled with a heavenly performance from the band as they marked their first steps towards their 21st year and beyond. As the song came to an end, hundreds of fireworks were fired from the stage. hyde left the stage, smiling, saying ‘We’ll come back! Behave yourselves while you wait for us!’.


110,000 go crazy over L’Arc~en~Ciel’s world tour grand finale.

The second day of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “20th L’Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL.” gigs at the National Stadium was held on the 27th May.

The band returned for a string of ‘welcome-home gigs’ as part of their world tour that began in March in Hong Kong. This National Stadium gig was the final to be played in Japan, bringing together 110,000 fans over the 2 days.

The National Stadium gigs boasted different staging and set lists from the band’s previous shows held around the world and in Japan. The show opened with a foreign news report claiming that ‘a UFO continued to appear at each world tour venue’ – and with the approaching of this UFO above the National Stadium skyline, the show opened. The members appeared in a float that mimicked the UFO that had ‘landed’ in the stadium, led by a marching band that took them around the entire of the venue to a delighted crowd.

yukihiro’s intro to ‘READY STEADY GO’ was marked with a massive single firework being launched into the sky. hyde shouted ‘Let’s go Kokuritsu! Give us everything you’ve got!’ as they moved onto ‘REVELATION’, where dancers with bright red flags coaxed the audience who responded by raising their fists in time. This was followed by the first performance of ‘flower’ during this tour, which hyde delivered with many expressions, ranging from a whisper-like voice to stronger, more powerful vocals.

During the first MC he told the audience ‘Today is the final of the final, so go for it! We won’t be here even if you come tomorrow (laugh)!’. Following ‘In the Air’, their performance of ‘Natsu no Yuutsu’ made the joyous audience scream with delight. The scene on the large-screen changed from blue skies to sunset, complementing the early summer sky and the atmosphere created by the wistful voice of hyde, the tight rhythm of yukihiro, ken’s guitar and tetsuya’s delicate bassline.

‘MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM’ opened with ken’s fantastical guitar solo, followed by ‘Driver’s High’. Numerous fireworks were launched in sync with the intro, amazing the audience. The next track, ‘the Fourth Avenue Cafe’, was complemented by dancing from the PLANETS cheer leading team. During ken’s MC, he wowed the audience by dancing together with the cheerleaders, pompoms in hand. As the audience laughed and cheered, ken admitted ‘I’m tired...(laugh)’, continuing on to ‘SEVENTH HEAVEN’. Even during the song ken continued to high-kick with the PLANETS, making the audience go crazy with excitement.

To mark the end of the string of ‘welcome home gigs’ was ‘Niji’. Each of the members gave an incredible performance, all true to their emotions. At the end of the song, 50,000 balloons of 7 colours and 1000 fireworks of 7 colours were released towards the sky, creating an emotional and moving scene. Watching this, hyde smiled and said ‘When we’re back, let’s play again together!’. Yukihiro, also reluctant to leave the stage, walked along the runway, throwing a banana that he received from tetsuya. Finally, tetsuya greeted the audience saying ‘Thank you very much! Thank you for all your continuing support – til now and from now on!’, which was received by applause from the crowd.

After the show, the screen showed two messages – first that the footage from that day’s  show was going to be broadcasted on WOWOW. Second was the announcement that the band’s next world tour venues would be decided by a fan vote, to which the audience responded with much joy. Finally, the message ‘L’Arc~en~Ciel will return’ was shown, promising the fans a reunion.

source : natalie1, natalie2
translation : L'arc UK Fans

DVD DVD DVD DVD!!!!! also we need Legend tag

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