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Boom Boom Satellites reveal their music video for "Broken Mirror"

Electronic-rock group Boom Boom Satellites have finally released the (non-restricted) music video for their new single "Broken Mirror"! The single will be their first new release in nearly two years since To The Loveless. The group had moved studios when the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan which then delayed their productions.  This single is the theme song to episode 5 of Mobile Suit Gundam UC and is their 15th anniversary single~ Buy your copy of "Broken Mirror" on June 6, 2012!

Also, BBS is hosting a contest for its fans! On the single will be parts of a remix song that contestants can use to create a remix! Any program can be used for remixing! Applications will be accepted starting from the single’s release date on June 6 via Nico Nico Douga: Zero. In the first ten days of August, the members of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES will pick a winner.  The chosen fan song will be included in the group’s upcoming remix album, due out in September.

- Restricted youtube video for Japan viewers only

I can't embed facebook videos, but you can find the restricted-free music video here on their official facebook page!

Source: Official Facebook Page / Tokyohive


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