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Aya Ueto blesses Softbank press conference with her immaculate beauty!

On May 29, actress Aya Ueto attended a press conference for the unveiling of the Softbank/Wilcom summer lineup.

Ueto, who currently stars in Softbank's "in Rome" commercial series, appeared on staged in a white dress. When asked about her Roman sojourn, she thanked CEO Masayoshi Son for arranging the trip and further commented, "It was so much fun. We spent three luxurious days there." Kanako Higuchi, who plays the role of mom in the series, also joined Ueto in Rome. "All of our sight-seeing and lunch breaks were synchronized so we saw each other at every spot we visited," she added.

During the press conference, Son unveiled the Pantone 5, the world's first smartphone equiped with a radiation detector. Actor Dante Carver and comedians Junior Chihara and Sugi-chan were also in attendance.

Mezamashi TV interview:

Aya's full appearance:

Photo call:

source: mynavi
translation: baboona

Aya will be on the package of this Pantone 5 cellphone. Legendary <3
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