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Kanjani 8 to hold 8th anniversary events and PV preview for “Ai Deshita.”

Kanjani 8’s PV preview for upcoming single “Ai Deshita.” (releasing on June 13th) has been revealed. This is the theme song for Nishikido Ryo’s TBS drama ‘Papadol!‘

On the TOKYO MX’s news program ‘CHECK TIME‘, the preview was revealed along with information on Kanjani 8’s 8th anniversary commemorative events, ’Fan Gratitude CD Special Free Event‘ and ‘8 Festival ~Bokuramo 8cchai, 8cchake Matsuri~‘, in August.

‘Fan Gratitude CD Special Free Event’, will be held on August 8 at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka. Purchasers of their upcoming song “Ai deshita.”, releasing on June 13, and their follow-up single will have a chance to be selected as one of the 40,000 people to participate in the event for free.

Furthermore, ‘8 Festival ~Bokuramo 8cchai, 8cchake Matsuri~’, will be held at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Chiba on August 4 to 5 and Intex Osaka on August 10 to 12. Although this is not a free event, approximately 200,000 fans are expected to show up to these venues.

It was also revealed that the members of Kanjani8 will personally plan, draft, and organize the anniversary events. Regarding their 8th anniversary event, Shibutani Subaru (30) commented, “I hope these events will convey the gratitude we have to our fans!”

here is the PV preview:

here is the link if the video doesn't load

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