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AKB48’s new unit NO NAME to make their CD debut on August 1st

It’s been revealed that AKB48’s new unit NO NAME will be making their CD debut with the single, “Kibou ni Tsuite“, on August 1st! This song is currently the opening theme song for AKB48’s tv anime series, ‘AKB0048‘.

NO NAME is comprised of the 9 voice actresses of ‘AKB0048′. They are AKB48’s Watanabe MayuNakaya SayakaSato Amina,Ishida HarukaSato Sumire, and Iwata KarenSKE48’s Yagami Kumi and Hata Sawako, and NMB48’s Mita Mao.

Aside from the title track, the single will feature the anime’s ending theme, “Yume wa Nandomo Umare Kawaru“, and a brand new number for a total of 3 song. All song lyrics are written by producer Akimoto Yasushi.

The members of NO NAME will grace the ‘TYPE A’ jacket of the single, and they will also star in the music video. Meanwhile, the ‘TYPE B’ jacket will be an illustration, and the music video will also be an animated version.

Stay tuned for more details on NO NAME’s debut single!

Source: Oricon and tokyohive

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