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Katori Shingo to play role of culprit in movie, ‘Odoru Daisousasen THE FINAL’

Odoru Daisousasen

It's been revealed that SMAP's Katori Shingo will be playing the role of a culprit in Oda Yuji's upcoming movie, 'Odoru Daisousasen THE FINAL Aratanaru Kibou'.

The 'Odoru Daisousasen' series has released 5 movies (including spin-offs) since 1998, pulling in over 31.2 million viewers with a box-office revenue of $547 million USD (42.7 billion yen). Katori strongly expressed, "I want to use up all the power that I possess and have a match with Oda-san. I won't lose to Oda-san."

In the past, Katori has dressed up as detective Aoshima for a 'Odoru Daisousasen' parody on his show, 'SMAP×SMAP'. He commented, "As a fan, my dream of entering the world of 'Odoru' has come true. I've always wanted to appear in it." It's said that there will be a showdown scene between Katori's character and detective Aoshima.

Although he's known for his cheerful and outgoing personality, Katori will have very few lines in the film. Director Motohiro Katsuyuki explained, "He will show us an insane act that he normally doesn't show. Just by those expressions, I really felt Katori-san's appeal."

'Odoru Daisousasen THE FINAL Aratanaru Kibou' will open in theaters nationwide on September 7.

Source: Tokyohive
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