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Oguri Shun already facing heat from Yamada Yu?

Yamada Yu and Oguri Shun were married this March, but in a month’s time they’ve already had a giant fight. The reason for it stems from Oguri attempting to hide his group dates and cover up certain lies.

Allegedly, during April, Yamada discovered Oguri was holding a group date in the Tokyo metropolitan area. According to an intimate model friend of Yamada, “Yu-chan has a lot of model and talent friends, so the information about the group date got around quickly. After being lectured by Yamada, he finally admitted to it. The date consisted of 3 men, 2 who were unnamed actors, and 3 models, and they were in a karaoke box for about 3 hours.” 

Oguri, who’s honest to the lower half of his body, would be expected to be done with “takeout” being he’s a newlywed. However, the thing that has Yamada mad isn’t the group dates, but the lies Oguri made on the phone, the lies being that every time Oguri received a call from Yamada during these group dates, he would quiet the room and act as if he were alone. These tactics were eventually outed.

Even more alarming, it was reported in Ichibu Shuukanshi that only 5 days after announcing his marriage, Oguri held a risky group date with Matsumoto Jun and Yamashita Tomoshisa. As thought, Oguri’s love for group dates is profound. 

According to Yamada’s intimate friend, Yamada allegedly said, “It’s fine to have get-togethers as long as Shun doesn’t cheat, but telling lies, and having reporters come every time Shun holds a group date makes me feel embarrassed and I hate it!” It seems even after marriage, the worries of cheating for the couple have yet to die down.

(Source: azashi.seesaa.net) translated by omoxi

Tags: oguri shun, rumour, yamada yuu

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