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SKE48’s Matsui Jurina makes her stage debut as a member of AKB48

On June 1st, SKE48’s Matsui Jurina made her first appearance in AKB48 Team K’s stage show, ‘RESET‘, at AKB48 Theater.

In late-March, it was announced that Matsui would be joining AKB48 for a limited time. Two months have passed since then, and there was no advance notice that she would be appearing in this show. When the curtains opened for their first song, “RESET“, the crowd found Matsui on stage and burst into loud cheers.

During a MC segment, Matsui greeted the fans saying, “Finally today, I was able to welcome my first day in Team’s K’s show.” Matsui was moved to tears as the crowd gave a “Jurina” call, but showed an energetic performance throughout the show.

Matsui will also appear in Team K’s stage show, ‘RESET’, on June 5th. Hereafter, she will continue stage performances as a member of both SKE48 Team S and AKB48 Team K.

Her stage unit :

Some photos of the stage that night & after stage :

Sources : tokyohiveakb48wrapupvideo

My first post here, I hope i'm doing it right ><
And I hope there're some of people who keep support her wherever she is.
The rest comments from members, LOD, and wota's reaction are on the sources
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