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Ohno Satoshi suffering from chronic unpronounceable ailment?

With a hit getsu9 drama currently on air and a sizzling sexy AnAn spread set to hit shelves in a week, Arashi’s management has been forced into overtime trying to clean up the reclusive idol’s image. Production staff and some observant fans may have noticed Ohno's increasingly odd behavior, but Tokyo Sports digs down deep, where a tragic case of Rhinotillexomania purportedly lies at the heart of the matter.

It’s no secret to the industry or fans that Arashi's 31-year-old leader has less-than-exemplary hygiene habits. His skin is toasted like a bagel, he reuses moldy towels, picks his nose, and according to more than one female acquaintance, smells just a bit funky.

However, lately it's the compulsive nostril digging (Rhinotillexomania, for short) that is proving to be the most problematic hurdle, according to staff. For a while, it seemed he had his nasty habit under control, but it has gradually returned and even seems to be ramping up more recently, sending Ohno’s caretakers into fits of anxiety.

Whenever Ohno-san’s mind wanders (which is always) his finger just naturally drifts up into the nasal cavity, says one observant staffer. Recently, he’s not just picking but mindlessly rolling and flicking too, seemingly without care for anyone else or their lunches.

Ohno, for his part, has always humbly declared that “even idols pick and flick!”

But even Arashi is no longer amused with their onerous leader. And his lackadaisical attitude on the matter has forced management to take increasingly desperate measures, including coating his fingers with Band-Aids and disgusting ointments, all to no avail.

In a fit of desperation, management finally shipped the poor chap off for multiple evaluations under several specialists, including a psychologist, wherein the doc concluded his grotesque habit is the manifestation of some troubling deeply repressed issues.

Accordingly, it seems the frequency and urgency of Ohno Satoshi’s nose digging serves as a barometer indicating how much pressure the idol is under.

What hidden inner turmoil could be troubling our usually mild-mannered idol?

Please continue to keep a kind and watchful eye on Ohno Satoshi from now on!


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