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Aikawa Kozue of DANCEROID announces her graduation

Around midnight on June 4th, Aikawa Kozue of net idol group, DANCEROID announced her graduation from the group. She cited her medical condition for her reason for withdrawing from the dance group. However she noted that she wouldn't leave the entertainment business all together.

DANCEROID is a 4-member female net idol group under Beautiful Group agency. They were formed in 2009 with popular dancers from the Nico Nico Community. They often dance and sing to Vocaloid songs. Danceroid started in 2009 with Ikura, Kozue Aikawa and Minka Lee. On December 29 of that year, they released their self-titled debut DVD. In 2010, after Minka left the group, Coco, Maam and Yuzuki won auditions to become new members. After Coco left the group in 2011, Danceroid has continued to perform as a quartet.

This is the message left on her blog:

The DANCEROID One Man Live Tokyo performance ended successfully yesterday.
Thank you very much, everyone.

I made an announcement on June 3rd during the DANCEROID One Man Live as well, but
I, Aikawa Kozue,
at the end of August 2012, at DANCEROID's live scheduled at Nico Farre, will graduate from DANCEROID.

My reason being that since this March, because of my physical condition, it's been difficult to participate in DANCEROID activities.
I consulted my physician at the hospital, the DANCEROID members and staff and, in the end, I decided to graduate.

After I graduate from DANCEROID, I will continue uploading videos and doing live broadcasts as a hobby.

I have dreams and goals that I want to accomplish, so after I graduate I'll concentrate on my treatment and continue working at my own pace.

I will do my utmost best during the few months before our final live, so please continue to support me.

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