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6:57 pm - 06/04/2012

Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De gets a movie!

It was announced that “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” which was aired as a drama series on Fuji TV during October to December 2011, starring Arashi’s Sakurai Sho and actress Kitagawa Keiko, will get a movie adaptation.

The drama is based on Higashikawa Tokuya’s big hit novel which tells a story about “Hosho Reiko” (played by Kitagawa), a rookie detective, and the daughter of a plutocrat, who solves various cases by receiving the help of her butler “Kageyama” (played by Sakurai), who has a wicked tongue. The drama series received a highest audience rating of 18.1%, and it also aired as a special drama back in March.

Reportedly, the movie will be filmed in Singapore, and also on the biggest cruise ship in Asia, “SuperStar Virgo”.

About this movie adaptation, Sakurai commented, “I’m very happy to be able to play ‘Kageyama’ again after the drama series, special drama, and now in the movie, since it’s not often that I can play a specific role for a long time and many times.” He continued, “Filming in Singapore where I have wanted to visit, and also filming on the luxurious cruise ship… though it’s for work, my heart is bubbling with anticipation. I am sure that it will be an enjoyable movie for both children and adults, so I will be happy to see people have high expectations.”

Kitagawa also commented, “By reuniting with the staff members again, it feels like I’ve returned to work! I am sure that filming overseas will infuse a new breeze into the movie, while still maintaining the charm of the series. Please look forward to see the scaled-up ‘Nazotoki’.”

In the movie adaptation, Shiina Kippei who played “Kazamatsuri Kyoichiro”, the boss of Reiko in the drama series, will also make an appearance. Adding to Shiina, Nakamura Masatoshi, Sakuraba Nanami, Kaga Takeshi, Miyazawa Rie, Takenaka Naoto, Kaname Jun, and Namase Katsuhisa will be added as new cast members.

The movie adaptation of “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” will be released sometime in 2013.

Source: Tokyohive, Cinematoday
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OMG SO MANY FEELS! Thank you, Fuji! I love you so much for bringing these two back! YMMV but I'm totally in love with the series and the novels!
polluxme 4th-Jun-2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
+1 !! Enomoto is the best !
zgzgirl 4th-Jun-2012 12:28 pm (UTC)
Enomoto is the perfect role for Ohno.
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