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Mr.Children 's best album surpasses Million ,first million album in 1 year and 8 months !! !!

Popular rock band Mr.Children released their best of album “Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro> ” back on May 10 to celebrate their 20th anniversary debut.

This week MACRO sold 43,000 copies ,staying at No.2 in weekly chart.It makes  MACRO 's total sales surpass million copies on their 4th week  (1.029 million copies in total !!) .It has also been the first million  album in  1 year and 8 months since Arashi 's Boku no miteiru fukei (released on Aug 2010)  could achieve million on Oct 2010

MACRO is Misuchiru's 13th million album and has also been their first million album in 3 years and 5 months ,their previous million album 『SUPERMARKET FANTASY』 (released on Dec 2008).
This have updated their record , the 2nd most million albums ,with selling 13 million albums in total  following B'z who has the most million albums (19 million albums in total)

In addition , Misuchiru are the first group that have sold Million albums in 3 consecutive periods (1990s with 5 Million albums ,2000s with 7 million albums & 2010s with MACRO)  .The first artist that can sell million albums in 3 consecutive period (70s ,80s ,90s) is Inoue Yosui .They are second artist that achieve it !

Besides, another of their best of albums “Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro> ”, released on the same day, placed fouth on the chart after selling about 37,000 copies this week (991,000 copies in total).
Source : Oricon

Congrats to Misuchiru ..this really proves their long live popularity !!
Wow ,actually Misuchiru are really strong !! . A very very very few  artists have long popularity like them !!

I think MICRO will surpass million on next 3days..the 2nd million album of the year ..go go GO !! XD

Ps. I wonder why Oricon don't count Ikimono gakari 's Best album as the previous million album ??
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