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SEKAI NO OWARI to release new album, “Entertainment”

SEKAI NO OWARI has announced that they will be releasing a brand-new album titled “Entertainment” on July 18!

The album will be their first since releasing their debut album “EARTH” nearly two years and three months ago as well as their first album since transferring to a major label. It will contain their indie single “Tenshi to Akuma / Fantasy” and more to make a total of seven songs. More details about the tracks will be revealed at a later date.

“ENTERTAINMENT” will be available in two different versions: a limited CD+DVD version and a regular CD-only version. The DVD on the limited edition will contain footage from their first one-man live at Nippon Budoukan in November 2011 for two hours of SEKAI NO OWARI video.

Stay tuned for more on their new album!

Credit: Tokyohive , natalie

Check out PV for SEKAI NO OWARI 's latest single Nemuri hime which be released on last week below !!

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