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Perfume's new Kirin CM, 「Hurly Burly」 on air!

Perfume serving their characters for the CM, the new Kirin Chuu-hai Hyouketsu CM called “Hyouketsu MAGIC MOMENT” will be broadcasted starting from June 6 (Wednesday). As a CM song the new song “Hurly Burly” will be used.

It’s similar to the CM “Spring of Life”, where the song became the song for their “MAGICAL MUSIC” version of the CM, and Los Angeles, America was chosen for shooting. The CM song “Hurly Burly” CD’s release date has yet to be decided but it’s already known that starting from today (6/6), “Hurly Burly (CM Version)” will be provided over Rekochoku and Amuse Mobile.

EXTRA: Here's the sample without the foreground talking! http://lovetheperfume.tumblr.com/post/24475428657/perfume-hurly-burly-15s-sample

Source: http://www.kirin.co.jp/brands/hyoketsu/gallery/standard.html
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