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Koki wants to be a monk?

Known for saying scandalous things, KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki has recently said that he wants to become a monk. Right now, he’s considering changing his name from Kouki to Hijiri (same Kanji, different reading) for his monk name. So what exactly was the cause for this sudden desire?

“He said he has an interest in obtaining monk-hood.” Said a music insider. He said he wants to continue to be an idol while trying to become a monk.

“Koki is known for saying things that would shock fans like, ‘I want to travel the world in a week’ or ‘I want to buy the streets of Shibuya.’ At the same time, he also does things like continuing to date certain actresses against his agency’s wishes and moonlighting as a DJ at a club. There was also a time when people thought he’d be kicked out of KAT-TUN for his behavior.”

So how come Tanaka wants to become a monk amidst all his reckless behavior? That’s because there’s also a side of him that he hides from people.

“He is also known as a philanthropist. He often thinks about love and peace. And when it comes to these things, he’s a very serious man. The media doesn’t report upon it, but he would take part in events that help pick up trash and events that fight for the freedom of Tibet from China. He strongly wants to obtain his monk-hood by starting from scratch and studying as a missionary.” Said a TV insider.

Right now he’s thinking about getting his training at a temple in Kanagawa.

(Source: translated by uso-ippai

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