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Finally!! 4-nin NEWS Announces New Single!

Johnny's 4-member group, NEWS, just revealed the tracklisting for their first single since they made a comeback. Their newest single titled, "Chankapana", will be available in six versions and will be released on July 18th.

"Chankapana" literally means "dear or beloved". It's a woman's exotic name that will be the source of beautiful pop songs of love between men and women. NEWS is confident that their new single will be catchy and unforgettable.

Here is the full tracklisting, jacket covers for each version are not released yet.

Limited Edition N,E,W, and S
[CD + DVD of PV and PV making + double sided poster + Gold ID for lottery]

Limited Edition N

1) Chankapana
2) Koyama Solo
3) Koyama solo [Karaoke version]

Limited Edition E

1) Chankapana
2) Kato Solo
3) Kato solo [Karaoke version]

Limited Edition W

1) Chankapana
2) Masuda Solo
3) Masuda solo [Karaoke version]

Limited Edition S

1) Chankapana
2) Tegoshi Solo
3) Tegoshi solo [Karaoke version]

Regular Edition
[CD+ Silver ID to view NEWS special message + 4 pages coverbooklet]

1) Chankapana
2) Full Swing
3) Chankapana [Karaoke version]
4) Full Swing [Karaoke version]

All versions will be released on July 18th.

credits here

Can I just..SCREAM??!!
Omg NEWS! and OMG solos! I can finally have another Tegoshi solo to love.

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