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CM + covers for w-inds new album "Move Like This"

The album will come in two versions. The limited edition will have 12 tracks, including their last five singles “FLY HIGH“, “Addicted to love“, “Let’s get it on“, “Be As One“, and “You & I“.

In addition, “Listen to the Rain” will be the lead track on the album along with six more new songs. The DVD will contain the music videos and the making-of videos for “Addicted to love”, “Let’s get it on”, “Be As One”, and “You & I”.

The regular edition will have an alternative cover and include bonus tracks to make a total of 13 tracks.
A special fan club edition will also be sold. This edition will have a different cover and include an application (also as a premium card)  to attend a premium live event. Additionally, the fan club edition will have two CDs, the 12-track CD and live CD from “w-inds. FAN CLUB LIVE TOUR 2012“.

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


Fan Club Edition

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been waiting for their new album since forever. loving the song on the cm already
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