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Rola reveals track list + covers for debut single, “Memories”

Popular model Rola has just unveiled the track list and covers for her upcoming debut single, “Memories”!

The song will be used as the theme to the upcoming Pokemon movie “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo“, which will open in theaters across Japan on July 14th.

The single comes in two different versions: a limited ‘Pokemon’ version featuring the main characters of the new movie – Satoshi, Pikachu, the character Rola voices (Marine), and other Pokemon; a regular version with Rola on the cover. The photo, different from what Rola fans are used to seeing, matches the theme of a kind, yet painful love as expressed in the lyrics.

For those who can’t wait to hear Rola’s new song, “Memories” will begin distribution as a ringtone on June 25th, and the full version will be released through iTunes on June 26th. The full version of the song as a ringtone can be purchased on the single’s release date, July 11th.

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Track List
1. Memories

s h o r t   p r e v i e w  

2. Memories (Instrumental


the covers are soo plain...
& what happenend to Just a little bit!!!
though she sounds sooo good in memories kinda boring song though

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