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Taiwanese alternative band TOUMING MAGAZINE to make debut in Japan!

Touming Magazine, a 4-member alternative rock band from Taiwan is signing a contract with EMI Music Japan. It has been announced that the band will make their grand debut in Japan with the release of their debut single Touming Magazine FOREVER on July 18.

Touming Magazine have been active in the Taiwanese music scene since 2006 and publicly state they have been influenced by PIXIES, WEEZER, SONIC YOUTH, SUPERCHUNK, CAP'N JAZZ, and NUMBER GIRL since their inception. The band's sound and global view have given the band its other name, the "NUMBER GIRL of Taiwan."

Despite the band's debut album Our Soul Music (released in their home country Taiwan at the end of 2010) is only available in Japan as imported CD, it has become much talked about among rock music fans who are quick to obtain information. The band released a Japan-only album with the same name but in Japanese (Bokutachi no sōru myuūjikku) in July 2011, which includes the music source they produced for the Taiwanese original. The band excited Japanese music fans with solid and showy live performance at their Japan tour in fall of the same year.


The single CD Touming Magazine FOREVER will be sold by EMI, the record company with whom NUMBER GIRL used to have a recording contract, and will have 4 new recordings including the debut single. In addition to this CD, a limited Japanese edition CD is also being planned and which will include 2 bonus tracks.

Touming Magzaine are scheduled to perform at the METEO NIGHT 2012 event to be hosted on August 5 by Less Than TV, an event that will be held at three venues in Tokyo, namely Shibuya O-WEST, Shibuya O-nest, and Shibuya 7th FLOOR, simultaneously. There are also plans for the band to do a Japan tour.

Now Check Out Touming Magazine MV for Hell (not sure, hopefully a taiwanese fan can reassure me or correct me)
directed by Kazunori Tetsuka
uploaded on July. 10, 2011 cuz i have no idea about the release date of this or if it's the latest one.......
with english subs as well

for those intrested in more of their music
Check out their official YT Channel : TOUMINGMAGAZINE


that first song isn't bad at all...

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