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Apparently Lee Minho is the most popular (Korean) actor in Japan

A recent article in a Japanese magazine showed that readers voted Lee Minho as the most popular Korean celebrity in Japan. This magazine, which is estimated to have 80,000 copies in circulation each month, provides its readers with news on Korean dramas and movies and also keeps track of all the latest popularity rankings and Japanese CFs starring Korean celebrities.
The results of this month’s poll shows that Lee Minho, who was originally in the 21st place in a previous poll, rose to first place while Lee Junki rose to second place from 13th place. Cha Seungwon went from 34th place to third while Park Sihoo and Jang Geunsuk both dropped in rankings, with Park Sihoo dropping from first to fourth and Jang Geunsuk from third to fifth.
Lee Minho’s agency, upon hearing this news, attributed the actor’s popularity in Japan to the success of his drama “City Hunter.”
Lee Minho is currently filming for his new drama “Faith,” which is set to air this August.

Source: Koreaboo & BNT
Tags: actor/actress, hallyu

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