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Superflawless to sing the theme song to Mukai Osamu’s upcoming drama

It was revealed that the new song “Kagayaku Tsuki no you ni” for Ochi Shiho’s solo project (Superfly) has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming drama “Summer Rescue ~Tenkuu no Shinryojo“. The drama will begin airing on July 8th starring Mukai Osamu.

Reportedly, it’s a ballad song with full of vitality, and it has the theme of “regeneration.”  This will be the first time in 4 and a half years for Superfly to provide a theme song for a TBS drama.

According to Ochi who was touched by the storyline of the drama, she tried to make the lyrics as simple as possible without using difficult terms.  She says, “By being saved and supported by someone, it causes a person to grow a renewed feeling in his heart. The song became almost like a letter to a precious person.”

It’s been undecided if the song will be officially released as a single at this moment.


Mukai and his flop drama are not worthy

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