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Yuta Tamamori Talks About Struggles in “10,000 a Month Challenge!”

It has been earlier reported that Kis-My-Ft2’s Yuta Tamamori, together with comedian Takahashi and competitive eater Gal Sone, will be participating in TV Asahi’s “Ikinari! Ougon Densetsu”. The said TV-reality challenged the participants to live within the means of JPY 10,000 (USD 124.00) for 30 days.

In the recent press conference held to celebrate the show’s upcoming finale, the three challengers shared their struggles and sacrifices they made to succeed.

Comedian Takahashi has to learned to cook healthier meal; thus, he has lost 7% of body fat and his face got thinner. Competitive eater Gal Sone, who treats food as luxury, is satisfied with her performance. She even made a diary of the challenge just in case she and her husband were to become a 10,000 Yen couple.

Lastly, Tamamori confessed the biggest challenge for him was to live alone for the first time and cook his own meals. “I got really homesick,” he shared. Moreover, the Johnny’s talent has to change his eating habits in order to control his food expenses; thus, his meals were reduced to onions, like onion curry and fried onion rings among others.

“It was tough and tiring; nevertheless, we want to accomplish this until the end,” Tamamori said with a determined face.

Source: jpopasia

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