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Hokuto Matsumura the next Johnny’s talent to keep an eye on

Johnny’s Jr. talent Hokuto Matsumura has only had one drama role to date, but now he is being given the supporting role for upcoming drama series “黒の女教師 (Kuro no Onna Kyoshi)“, it was announced on June 13, reports Sankei Sports.

It has been reported actress Nana Eikura will play the lead role in the drama, a chemistry teacher at a well-respected school by day, but at night becomes a problem-solver who helps students in trouble with bullies or drugs in return for a big payout.  16-year-old Matsumura will play a mysterious new student at Eikura’s character’s school.

“I want to put everything on the line for this drama.  I want to become a pop star who can act,” he said.

The Johnny’s Jr. talent had made his drama debut in “私立バカレア高校 (Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou)”.  It has been reported Matsumura said acting in this drama made him realise he wanted to continue acting and performing, just like his seniors Kazunari Ninomiya or Tomohisa Yamashita.

It has been reported Johnny’s president Johnny Kitagawa had brought Matsumura the news without warning, saying, “I’ve got a huge role for you, do your best”.  This role was a supporting actor role in a golden hour drama playing a character with a difficult family background.

“Hearing him say that put me under pressure, and when I read the script I felt even more pressure.  It looks difficult, but it’s definitely worth doing,” Matsumura said.

Matsumura is no stranger to working hard.  Before joining Johnny’s he had been a keen karate athlete, already earning his black belt and second place in the Shizuoka prefectural karate tournament when he was in the sixth grade.

“I’m used to working hard.  I look at this drama like it’s my next game, and winning it will lead me to bigger opportunities.”


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