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The iPet: Smartphones are the new toy, as teddy bears and dogs with iPhone faces become biggest hits

Pet for the 21st century: The SmartPet robot dog, demonstrated at the Tokyo Toy Show, uses an iPhone to express his emotions

Just 20 years, the height of technology was the Gameboy

In the 90s, the most hi-tech toy you could buy was perhaps the Gameboy.
Jump forward 30 years, and - judging by the evidence of the Tokyo Toy Show - the best toy you can give a child is a smartphone.
Finding ways of incorporating an iPhone into toys was by far the biggest feature of the show, with digital pets dominating the floorspace.
A company called Bandai ended up winning the innovative toy category, for the Smart Pet - a dog which is faceless until you clip your iPhone in.
At that point the dog comes to life, displaying a range of faces based on the dog's mood, which in turn depends on how well boys and girls look after it.
Smart Pet can even sneeze and move around and, using Facetime or even Siri voice control, you can command Smart Pet to perform tricks, and he has over 100 expressions.
But Smart Pet was not the only pooch in town.

Manufacturer Takara Tomy has created the all-singing, all-dancing version.
The i-sodog can keep his balance, and dance via remote control or an app, and should be in a (digital) pet show near you in 2013.
Elsewhere, augmented reality made an appearance, with figurines which - when you point a smartphone at them - would then come alive on the screen, singing, talking, and telling stories.

If you think children are growing up too quickly with all these toys, you might be right - for Toyota also unveiled the Camette Concept, which will help children learn to drive.
While technically a toy, with a simple structure and easy-to-remove panels, the car does move and has an engine, brakes and steering, all in the appropriate places - even back-seats for the parents if they dare.

The International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 runs for another three days - after which the children of Japan are more than likely to be updating their birthday lists.

Also around... Toymaker Tomy displays "i-Sodog", a robot dog which can walk and dance when controlled by an iPhone. The 15cm tall robot dog, weighing 400g, has 15 "muscles" and recognizes the human voice

Fancy a dance? "i-Sodog" responds to commands from the iPhone app - and does a jiggle for the audience

Toymaker Cube displays "Cocolo Bear" - a teddy bear "robot" which can speak 600 words through the iPhone

Song and dance; Point Bandai Co.'s "Hybrid Grade" app at the figurine, and virtual music and dancing happens in front of you

The kids can now drive you crazy: Toyota Motor's concept model of a three-seater electric vehicle with toy-like design body

The three-seater electric vehicle "Camatte" can help children learn how to drive a little early







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