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Kim Hyung Joong Reveals Full PV of "HEAT"

Covers and tracklisting for Kim Hyun Joong's latest single "HEAT" has been earlier reported. JRock duo - B'z - composed and arranged the music for "HEAT".

Compared to past Kim Hyun Joong's PV, which are more pop than rock, the Hallyu star gives his fans a treat by becoming a full-fledged rock star in the PV. A mini-concert is set in the PV with Hyun Joong acting as the vocalist of a rock band.

"HEAT" will be released on July 4th.

Now, PV is out!.. check it below

Honestly , i don't like this song since his voice don't suit with B'z song !!.. powerless& no emotions ..
however,i think it's best Japanese song for him ^ ^.. also i really like his image in the PV ..KAKKOII na! ~  ^ ^

Source : Jpopasia , Youtube
Tags: b'z, hallyu, idols, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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