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Which male artists do you want to marry !?

Oricon's Music magazine Only★Star has just revealed their latest survey "Male artist that you want to marry with.. "

1.Fukuyama Masaharu (43)

2.Sakurai Sho (30)

3.Aiba Masaki (29)

4.Matsumoto Jun (28)

5.Ohno Satoshi (31)

6.Sakurai Kazutoshi [Mr.Children] (42)

7.Maruyama Ryuhei [Kanjani 8] (28)

8.Kitagawa Yujin [Yuzu] (35)

9.Inaba Koshi [B'z] (47)

10.HYDE (43)

Note : In this poll Sakurai Kazutoshi , Inaba & HYDE are married  and have kids
(Yujin is married too..)

I really agree with MASHA !!..i would like to marry with him too XD hee..hee

Anyway ,Many rankings are full of ARASHI ..(Double Sakurai in the poll again  lol ^ ^ )
Not surprised because it's Arashi 's era....like in 90s Inaba and Sakurai-san were always in every ranking. : )
agree with the list though ! XD

however..where is Nino ??.........Poor Nino !~ lol

and you ?..Who do you want to marry  !?
For me i choose Masha
(he's so charming and good mood) ,Sakurai-san (he's very kind &gentle ..really like his smile XD) & Inaba(he's very smart) !!

Source : Ori Star 2

Totally agree with the list !! especially No.1 & No.6 & No.9  ♥♥♥ XD
Tags: aiba masaki, b'z, fukuyama masaharu, matsumoto jun, mr.children, music/musician, ohno satoshi, oricon, polls/ranking, sakurai sho

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