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AKB48 Producer Akimoto Yasushi's Response To Sashihara Rino's Transfer

Akimoto Yasushi released a response on his Google+ account.
It’s about the transfer of Rino Sashihara to HKT48

I heard in the weekly magazine article about the talk of the person herself (Sashihara) ,
she said, ”Everything is not true but, some people who believes about this article misunderstood it and I have no choice”.

This talk came out way back 3 or 4 years ago when Sashihara was still a trainee, that as AKB48 members are reflecting in their lack of self-awareness.
Sashihara had a 1 yellow card that is likely to be considered as a stern warning .

Rino Sashihara’s ”high spirit” of ”The feeling of I won’t give up whatever will happen” is a role model to AKB’s member .
I hope that this strength will convey to the juniors,
I decided to transfer her to the HKT48 which was formed just recently.
There are some people who said it is ”demotion” to her, but that is rude to the members of HKT48, staff and their fans.
We have a long meeting and we came out to a conclusion, and I think it is a good motivation to the young members of HKT48 and a new challenge for Rino Sashihara .

To those fans who made Sashihara to be 4th place,
How far you will say that you are ”incompetent” ?
With this kind of important time.
But, It’s Sashihara .
May be she will become a leader in HKT48 strongest group someday .
Or may be she will mingle in the strongest group of HKT48 .

Please give Rino Sashihara a warm care as the AKB’s least ”member who doesn’t response from an expectation“

- Akimoto Yasushi

- Translated by AKB48 staff on Akimoto Yasushi's Google+

Consequently, Sashihara will have her last performance with Team A of AKB48 on June 20.

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