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URBANGARDE ready for showdown w/5 popular idol groups

The band URBANGARDE which will release their new single Yameru Idol on June 20 will be holding one-on-one showdown live performances with 5 different popular idol groups at a total of 5 venues in July, dubbing the event as "URBANGARDE's 5 Yameru Idol Contests!!!!!"

The event is created for URBANGARDE to send out challenge calls to idols who, rapidly moving from underground to mainstream music scene, have now completely taken over Japan's music world. The planned band-against-band showdown will see BiS at Shibuya Star Lounge(tickets sold out), at Shibuya O-Crest(tickets sold out), Negicco at Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL, VanillaBeans at Shibuya TAKE OFF 7, and Passpo at LIQUIDROOM ebisu.

Advanced tickets with a different design per showdown and which make a complete design when put together are on sale now on URBANGARDE's official website. Collaboration with other musicians as encore calls at each of the venues is also scheduled.

Y a m e r u   I d o l   D a n c e V e r.

WATCH YAMARU IDOL PV ON YOUTUBE~ embedding was disabled

The single Yameru Idol to be released on June 20 sings about the bright and dark sides of the idol industry. The CD will also include songs like Moeteroyo feat. Passpo and Skirt Kakumei (French pop ver.) performed fully in French by Yoko Hamasaki (vocal) after popular reception of "Japan in motion" on French CATV in which she also appears.

The DVD titled URBANGARDE no SHIMUYA-AX wa, byōki documenting the biggest solo band live performance in the history of Japanese bands held at SHIBUYA-AX (Tokyo) in March this year will also be released on the same day of the release of the single CD. The DVD will include also a special video Toshio, Shibuya ni arawaru that shows the mascot character Toshio wondering around Shibuya. It will also come with a brand new recording of their famous song Sailor-fuku wo nuganaide from when the band was an Indies band, a remix version of Mizutamabyō by band members themselves, as well as a mini album Furyō shōjo no URBANGARDE that includes new tracks.


c o n c e r t   p r e v i e w

need to know the name of that first song!!!

this song is soooooo cute<3

More Lives @ their channel

sources: Official website
              Official FB

the pv is worth watching!!!
i luv it XD the song is soo catchy too!
In a way it reminded me of kinocohotel Lol

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