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Jero to release new cover album, “Covers 5″

Jero has revealed that will be releasing his new cover album, “Covers 5“, on July 4th!

For this album, Jero covered theme songs from historical dramas such as the ‘Hissatsu‘ series, ‘Toyama no Kinsan‘, and ‘Zatoichi‘. It will feature a total of 7 tracks including “Kouya no Hate ni“, which was included in his recent single, “Yoake no Kaze“.

Along with the album, Jero will simultaneously re-release his single, “Yoake no Kaze”, in a CD+DVD version. The DVD will come with the video clips for both “Yoake no Kaze” and “Kouya no Hate ni”.

Check out the jacket covers and track lists below!


<Covers 5>

01. Kouya no Hate ni (‘Hissatsu Shikakenin’ / Yamashita Yuzou)
02. Sukima Kaze (‘Toyama no Kinsan’ / Sugi Ryotaro)
03. Negai (‘Edo wo Kiru’ / Saigou Teruhiko)
04. Ryoshu (‘Kurayami Shitomenin’ / Nishizaki Midori)
05. Fushigi na Yume (‘Zatoichi’ / Ishihara Yujiro)
06. Kanashimi Iro no… (‘Hissatsu Shigotonin V’ / Kyomoto Masaki)
07. Yumennaka (‘Hissatsu Shoubainin’, ‘Hissatsu Karakurinin’/ Kobayashi Akira)


<Yoake no Kaze (CD+DVD)>

01. Yoake no Kaze
02. Kouya no Hate ni
03. Yoake no Kaze (Original Karaoke)
04. Kouya no Hate ni (Original Karaoke)

01. Yoake no Kaze (Video Clip)
02. Kouya no Hate ni (Video Clip)

Source & Photos: natalie and tokyohive

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