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BIGBANG’s ambitions as the first Korean group in All-Night Nippon

It has been revealed that BIGBANG is the first Korean group to be chosen as personalities to be in charge of ‘All-Night Nippon’. On the 19th of June in Tokyo, members V.I and D-LITE appeared at the press conference in the Nippon Broadcasting System Imagine Studios.

Basking under the loud cheers of fans, the roughly-styled two members entered the stage. Starting the press conference that was open to the public, V.I who is the most fluent in Japanese among all the members of BIGBANG actively answered in the Q&A with the media. He confessed that the first time he watched the Japanese film ROOKIES, it helped him in striving to do better in Japanese. “It’s my first time doing a radio show such as this one, I hope to show the side and charms that I have that isn’t seen when I’m on stage,” he enthusiastically answered regarding the challenge of being a personality of All-Night Nippon.

“The other members will be coming back home to Korea however, I’ll remain alone here in Japan from July to September, hoping to do various work. I’ll appear in a couple of programs,” V.I added, declaring his intent on exposing himself alone in the media. With this announcement, even louder cheers were heard from the fans. D-LITE, who is set to return to Korea next week, commented further, “This week will be the last, that’s why we’ll do everything that we can!”

BIGBANG’S All-Night Nippon will start to go on air on July 16 at 25:00. Fans are invited to tune in and listen to the episodes.

Translated by: @arcobaleno/kenkajoutou@tumblr
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