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Oreimo Artist Warned About Putting His Own Art, Music on Niconico

Illustrator, animator, and composer Hiro Kanzaki reported on his Twitter account last month that he received copyright warnings from the Niconico video streaming service after using the recently-implemented NicoSound service to make his own music available for download. Kanzaki reported receiving warnings for songs including his Hatsune Miku song "Plug Out" and his remix of "LightSong" by kz, whose permission he states he received prior to posting the remix.

During the process of settling the warnings, Kanzaki also received a message asking him to clarify the copyright status of the images used in these videos, all of which were drawn by Kanzaki himself. While the issue was eventually clarified and settled, Kanzaki stated that he would cease using the NicoSound service to provide downloads of the songs he uploads to the service, though he would continue to offer downloads through links to his own site.

Kanzaki, also known as Hiroyuki Oda, is the original illustrator for the Oreimo series of novels, as well as a character designer, animation director, and animator for anime titles including Eureka 7: AO, Heroman, and Oreimo. He also produces music under the name HanasoumenP.

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