Rio (tokyocinema) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

The next chapter in the MeisaxJin fanfic, appropriately named "Jin is fat and dependent on Meisa".


As everyone knows by now, Akanishi’s career in the entertainment world has pretty much died since he suddenly married Kuroki Meisa. And with every day with nothing to do, being financially dependent on Meisa, he certainly has a good amount of free time, right? Apparently, Akanishi is using this free time to drown his despair by drinking, and because of this, he’s bringing on the pounds. 

Akanishi has suddenly acquired a considerable amount of weight, gaining about 8 kilos (17.6 pounds). Even more, Akanishi is supposedly spending his days at Kuroki’s parents’ house in Okinawa, spending morning to night drowned in alcohol.

An insider states that, “With his tour cancelled, his drama cancelled, his fan club dissolved, he’s rotting. Lately, Akanishi has stopped his daily weight training. There’s even some talk that he now has a beer belly.”

“After Meisa has her baby, she is set to start filming for her drama. She’s doing this for the intent of earning some money for Akanishi’s sake. It seems that since Akanishi can’t tolerate this condition of being fed by his wife, his amount of alcohol consumption has increased.”

Lately, it’s been rumored Akanishi has been searching for certain equipment in order to open a restaurant in Okinawa. At this rate, will he disappear from the entertainment world?


Tags: akanishi jin, lol, meisa kuroki

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