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Rola gets a gift from SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro

Popular model Rola recently blogged that she received a present from SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro.

In an entry titled “Chuu Chuu (o^u^o)”, Rola wrote, “Look look~! I got this mouse present from SMAP’s Nakai-kun~! It’s so cute~ I’m giving this to my dog as his toy~.

The mouse that Rola received as a gift was in reference to Nakai’s drama “ATARU” in which the main character always carries around a mouse. Rola and Nakai are both regulars on Tuesday’s “Waratte Iitomo!”, and it seems they’ve bonded.

Fans tweeted Rola: “Aah! I saw that~ (^O^) How nice~ I want one too~ lol,” “Why would you give it to your dog…?! You’re so odd! (hehe),” “No no, it will be worn to rags after getting chewed by your dog!! lol,” and “Eeeh? You are giving it away to your dog?

Source: Model Press and tokyohive

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