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Takei Emi wears short hair for the first time since 6th grade

On June 19th, actress Takei Emi attended the opening event for Shiseido Maquillage’s store, “Studio Maquillage“.

Takei, who appeared at the event in a short brown wig, commented, “I challenged [myself to] short hair for the first time since 6th grade. I’m excited to know what kind of impression I will leave on everyone.

When the host praised the actress saying, “You look mature and wonderful,” Takei responded, “Short hair gives a cheerful and lively image, but that image differs from person to person. I’m happy to hear that I have transformed maturely.

“Studio Maquillage” is a store that will open for a limited time only, allowing women to test Maquillage’s new summer line for free. The concept is “the real me”, and it will feature a makeup simulator. Users will be able to freely try different patterns of makeup in the mirror, and there will also be a makeup artist available. At the end of the event, those who participate will have the chance to get their pictures taken by a professional photographer. “Studio Maquillage” will run until June 24th at Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.

The makeup simulator also features random messages by Takei. “People don’t decide to change on their own accord. It would make me happy if this comment makes people want to challenge themselves,” she said.

Check out pictures from the event below!

Source & Photos: Mantan Web and tokyohive

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