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Aya Ueto and EXILE’s Hiro to Announced Their Marriage This July?

Earlier this year, it was revealed that singer-actress Aya Ueto and EXILE’s Hiro are getting married in spring 2012. Both parties have denied any marriage plans.

However, recent news have surfaced that the couple are getting close in announcing their marriage after EXILE’s Tour. There are more speculations that Aya Ueto might appear in EXILE’s Sapporo Dome concert on July 1st.

TV station officials are very interested with this impending marriage announcement, in case a wedding will happen, some TV stations are willing to pay JPY 500,000 million to a billion Yen for exclusive coverage. After all, Ueto is one of the top and highest-paid endorsers in Japan.

Furthermore, Ueto and Hiro's agencies have been meeting recently, as well as with their talents' advertisers/sponsors to make sure that everything would go smoothly. It has also been reported that Ueto has been attending cooking lessons for would-be wives.

Lastly, even though this marriage announcement is not 100% sure, as the old saying goes, “When there’s smoke, there’s fire,” let’s wait and see if this “smoke” is indeed from a “fire”.

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