Felice Domneys (fma245) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Felice Domneys

Miura Ryosuke reveals short PV for debut single, “Natsu dayo HONEY!!”

Miura Ryosuke has revealed the short PV for his debut single, “Natsu dayo HONEY!!“.

Miura has starred in various movies, dramas, and stage plays since starting his acting career back in 2002. He’s recently known for his role as Ankh in ‘Kamen Rider OOO‘.

In his debut single, Miura shows off his dance skills and vocal strength. It’s scheduled for release on July 11th in three different versions.

Miura is also set to embark on his first tour this summer starting July 19th.

Sources: http://www.tokyohive.com/2012/06/miura-ryosuke-reveals-short-pv-for-debut-single-natsu-dayo-honey/
Tags: actor/actress, debut, pv

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